A still image is only a very, slowly, moving, one.

I make intimate abstract oil paintings that use time as a medium and context.

Through the recurrence of mark making, points in time are given a vehicle.

My process is improvisational, fed by a practice of deep listening and observation.

I experience sound and light as haptic sensations and transcribe those felt textures onto

the painting, creating a record of experiential time.

On wood and paper I push and pull mineral paints and pigments onto a ground 

of absorbent earth––clay, chalk.

The resulting painted surface reflects a dynamism akin to the vibrations of sound 

across a pool of water, or shadows on a wall.

Artifacts of narrative are introduced in the work as gates, mirrors, and curtains, 

whose function is allegorical.

Moving through the world, I sift through the histories and objects, melodies and colors,

seeking signals to form a syntax.

Informed by the auratic presence of place, my painting is a choreography of my attachment.

My purpose is poetic, reflected in the view slipping past the window.